At Bernic UK we believe that providing up-to-date training is crucial in maintaining our status as one of the leading security firms within the North West, and driving us forward as part of the security elite within the industry itself.

We currently offer more than 20 training programmes and are also looking to expand our interests in Asset Protection and Terrorism Awareness.

Courses offered by Bernic UK

Bernic Training Timetable

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Free training for re-sits

At Bernic UK we are so confident that the security training courses we offer are thorough, specialised and taught by only the finest of our expert security personnel that should a re-sit need to be taken, we will provide free refresher training prior to the examination.

All our charges are fully inclusive of all exams and certificates and we can now e-mail results to candidates as soon as we get them.

Train with Bernic UK

For more information about training programmes offered by Bernic UK call us now on 0151 666 2890 or e-mail us at:

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